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Special Designs

Here at Impressive Driveways we pride ourselves on standing out from the crowd, not only with outstanding quality of which you can see in out Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways and Patio's but by providing you the customer with an unlimited choice of patterns, circles and taylor made features at no extra cost.

Some companies charge more for different patterns and even more if you would like a circle or compass printed aswell.

We prefer to do things abit differently. All included in the price we can print you a circle or a compass into your Imprinted Concrete Driveway or Patio, or we can also design from scratch or copy a design of your choosing to add a completely bespoke and personal touch. Whether it be your favourite football teams emblem, a message or a poem thats close to your heart or even copy an item of jewelry like the pendent feature in the pictures.

All of our customized features are designed on paper first, once you are happy with the design we use either an angle grinder or a dremmel to carve the design directly into the Imprinted Concrete.

One day in the future we will start to charge extra for this service as im sure you can understand that alot of time and effort goes into each design., not to mention alot of confidence and skill is involved as one slip with the grinder and the feature isnt going to be what you asked for. Bearing this in mind one feature can take up to 4 hours just to cut into your beautifull new Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway.

So take advantage of this unique service now whilst its still Included in your price !

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