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Why Choose Imprinted Concrete

Alternatives to pattern imprinted concrete all have major deficiencies. Blocks and slabs often come loose and break up and maintenance is difficult and time consuming. In addition, both will inevitably have moss and weeds growing between the cracks over time. Tarmac is highly susceptible to melting and slipping in hot weather and shingle goes all over the place and is never permanent where it is laid, requiring on-going maintenance. Our imprinted concrete driveways will still look as good in many years to come as they do on the day they're first installed.

A valuable benifit of our driveways is that we use the same type of advanced concrete technology that is typically used on major commercial works such as big theme parks, fun fairs and for busy drive-thrus such as those operated by KFC and McDonalds, so you can trust that parking and driving on your driveway will have very little detrimental effect.

When we create a personalised pattered concrete driveway or patio we guarantee to satsify all your requirements exactly. Using ultra strong fibermesh reinforced concrete we can colour it to suit your own personal preferences and can create any hand printed pattern you choose from a huge portfolio of designs.

We can also make your patio to any shape or size you decide and can incorporate multiple pattern designs, and even incorporate multiple colours, plus features such as flower beds, raised beds, walls and rendering ornamental ponds, and of course steps and terraces. We can even build in neat, inconspicuous drainage channels to keep it clean and dry.

We also offer other extra services at request such as fencing, decking, landscaping, Natural Sandstone Paving and Astro Turf!

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